Pranksters announce Limp Bizkit concert at a gas station in Dayton, OH

Posted by on April 20, 2016

limp bizkit ticket sunocoEveryone know about April’s fools and scheme their own pranks which makes every single person skeptical about anything they read online. Hell, we even had our own because we pretend to be funny from time to time. But with today being 4/20, someone took “April’s fool” literally and decided to make the entire month about fooling everyone, particularly Limp Bizkit’s fans.

Some crafty pranksters decided to announce a fake Limp Bizkit concert at a Sunoco gas station in Dayton, OH by creating a Facebook event page, legit-looking flyer and taking advantage that Limp Bizkit seems like a band that would do that on 4/20. It got to the point that the Dayton’s police department had to tweet about it, stating that no concert was taking place at the Sunoco station at the corner of Keowee Street and Wayne Avenue tonight.

After all the claims about the concert either being real or not, someone actually took the time to tweet Limp Bizkit themselves to make sure they weren’t going to miss the biggest 4/20 in America, to which they just replied “TOTAL BS.”

If you still want to party at Dayton, OH at a gas station on 4/20 let us know how it went. Just don’t light up too close to the pumps and go watch Zoolander to know why.


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