Warrel Dane Calls Nevermore “The Greatest Band That Alcohol Ever Ruined”

Posted by on July 12, 2011

Singer Warrel Dane first broke his silence regarding Nevermore’s future without guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams last week when he confirmed via Twitter that the band is “not dead.” In an interview with the ProgPower USA festival this past weekend, though, Dane gave more insight into Loomis and Williams’ departure. Though giving mainly vague responses, Dane insinuates that alcohol addiction played a role, even referring to Nevermore as “the greatest band that alcohol ever ruined.”

In addition to confirming that Nevermore is not done, and that a lot of big names have contacted him to replace Loomis (both in Nevermore and Sanctuary), Dane had the following to say about his current relationship with the two former members:

“One bridge is burned, the other I’m still… It’s like getting a very painful divorce.  If you want to repair the situation you can, but there’s one where I don’t want to.  I miss those guys.  I think they made bad decisions.  I’m going to Emo if I keep talking about it.”

Dane also revealed a good amount when answering a question regarding Nevermore’s “bad timing,” saying:

“I think we had our fair share of bad timing and we had our fair share of disorganization within the camp.  That’s kind of what played into everything that happened.  But I don’t think I would really change anything, because everything happens for a reason.  And the reason I’m here right now, and I’m talking to you is for a reason… and those guys decided that they didn’t have as bad of an alcohol problem as I did… is for a reason.  And, whatever…”

Though Dane’s responses certainly leads one to point the finger to alcohol, it still remains rather vague as to whose alcohol problems were the cause of the split, or whether that was the real source of Dane and Williams’ departure (though it certainly looks that way). While Dane says he’s still very surprised (as are most fans) by them leaving, it would appear from the interview that this has been building up behind the scenes for a long time now.

And though Dane didn’t want things to get messy, it appears it already has. Dane tweeted the following the same day the interview with the festival posted online:

“So Jeff just texted me and said he can can hardly wait to do an interview.. WTF I just said the truth”

Looks like this drama may never end. We’ll keep you posted if more develops with Nevermore Gate. This interview will be published in the ProgPower USA XII program that is distributed to all fans at the festival, which will be held in Atlanta, GA from September 14-17, 2011. However, you can read the festival’s entire interview with Dane on their official Facebook page.

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