Kyuss Lives On… As A Completely New Group

Posted by on November 29, 2012

We were a little surprised to hear yesterday that bassist Nick Oliveri was rejoining Kyuss Lives! Mainly because a recent court ruling has barred singer John Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork from releasing material under the moniker, while they could only tour under the name on a limited basis. Well as it turns out, the three former Kyuss members will continue on together, but under a new name.

It was announced today that the three members and guitarist Bruno  Fevery (who has been playing in place of Josh Homme) have formed a new project called Vista Chino. The group is currently recording new material with a 2013 worldwide release being eyed, and with touring to follow. But don’t say goodbye to Kyuss Lives! just yet. It’s also been confirmed that the group will perform under their old moniker for the last time during the 2013 Soundwave Festival in Australia. Supposedly they’ll be playing classic material AND new songs.

Considering that Bjork and Garcia have been working on new material for a while, chances are that Vista Chino’s debut will mostly consist of songs that were intended for Kyuss Lives! And chances are that Vista Chino will continue to perform Kyuss songs live as well. Either way, now they won’t have to worry about violating the court ruling (or piss off Homme and Scott Reeder, the former members who filed the lawsuit).

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