Kyuss Lives! Planning To Record New Music

Posted by on December 14, 2010

When three quarters of Kyuss announced that they were reuniting, everyone figured it was just for live purposes. But now it appears that the group will not only be touring under the moniker Kyuss Lives!, but also recording new music under it.

In an interview with U.K. magazine Rock Sound, singer John Garcia revealed the following:

“Our rehearsals are going so well that we’re thinking of doing another record. This is brand new information that has been leaked to Rock Sound first; Brant, Nick and myself have collectively agreed that once everything is done live and we’re done with our solo projects, we’re going to do another record.”

So there you have it! Looks like Kyuss Lives! will live on into the future. So far, the band has only announced dates in Europe and Australia, but news about possible new music gives hope that they will come to North America eventually. We’ll keep you updated when more is revealed.

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