Watch Sammy Hagar sing “I Can’t Drive 55” with Kenny Chesney

Posted by on August 11, 2016

New country is kind of the same thing as old hair metal. The general party-hearty atmosphere and songs about drinking and hedonism, along with the cranked up guitars and production of current country music hearkens back to a time in heavy music before grunge made the genre darker and more serious. Kenny Chesney knows this. And so does Sammy Hagar, who, aside from being a Van Halen frontman, founded tequila company Cabo Wabo. He also wrote a song called “Mas Tequila,” which makes him a damn good salesperson. Back in 2006, before he sold a controlling interest in the company, he had Kenny Chesney stop by to sing a track on his 2006 album Livin’ It Up, and toured with him. The friendship apparently is still there, because at a recent California show, Chesney had Hagar stop by to sing a cover of his 1984 hit “I Can’t Drive 55.” Hagar can’t quite hit the notes he used to be able to, but the 50,000 plus-strong audience is more than happy to fill in the blanks. Chesney’s appearance at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium apparently shattered the attendance record at the stadium, which was previously held by Pink Floyd. If you think that Sammy Hagar is a slightly more rock and roll version of Jimmy Buffet, then you’ll probably hate this. If not, then check it out.

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