Couple Caught Naked At Truck Stop Following Sammy Hagar Concert

Posted by on January 31, 2013

You really can’t drive 55, especially when your ride is pulled over at a truck stop and you’re found naked by a security guard following a Sammy Hagar concert. That’s what happened to Jerry McNally and Marcia Gilbert, an Oklahoma couple who were caught at the TA Truck Stop taking naked pictures in front of the semis in the back lot. The Smoking Gun reports that the sultry sounds of the Red Rocker, who’d just played Concho OK’s Lucky Star Casino, was what led the couple to disrobe.

Once police arrived, they found McNally, 56 and Gilbert, 60, sitting in his Ford F250 completely naked. The guard also reported that there was a “large flesh-colored dildo lying in Gilbert’s Lap.” When questioned about what was going on, Gilbert replied that “they had gone to the Sammy Hagar concert and were just having a little sexual fun.” Listen, we know they might have had a little too mas tequila,and her love might have been driving him crazy, but this is just over the top. Seriously though, look at that picture of Hagar? Does that man look like an aphrodisiac to you?



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