While we’d known that Marilyn Manson would be making a cameo on hit HBO show Eastbound and Down, the episode aired last night. After hearing about what a huge fan the vocalist was of the show, he finally got to appear on the show, which has only two episodes left. His role was a small one, lasting about 20 seconds, and he’s borderline unrecognizable without his makeup on. In fact, he’d said before that he wanted to play Kenny Powers’ long-suffering friend and minion Stevie on the show, and he bears more than a passing resemblance to that character, portrayed by Steve Little. In all, this isn’t required viewing, but it’s still pretty cool that he got to be on there for a second, and as demonstrated by his Funny or Die clip, is willing to admit that the idea of Marilyn Manson in 2013 is kind of funny.
[via TMZ]