Watch Diarrhea Planet cover AC/DC

Posted by on March 22, 2016

diarrheaWe haven’t heard much from Brian Johnson lately, but then again, apparently neither has he. Since the AC/DC frontman was forced to drop off the band’s current tour or face “total hearing loss,” he’s been content to let Jim Breuer not-really speak for him. And while the band is saying that the remaining tour dates will be rescheduled, likely with another singer. And while there’s no word on who that singer is, we already found one solid candidate. This past weekend at Infinity Cat’s SXSW showcase, Diarrhea Planet might have unearthed another one.

Music Band frontman Harry Kagan joined the band for a cover of “Thunderstruck” that made up for in guitars what it lacked in professional sheen. Featuring a four-guitar attack,including one guitarist pretty much just doing the one shreddy part throughout half the song, Kagan does a pretty good Brian Johnson approximation. It’s definitely fun, and the closest many people in the crowd might ever get to seeing AC/DC.


[via Uproxx]

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