Just last week, we were wondering what the status of AC/DC would be given that heritage rock and metal acts are dropping like flies.  Singer Brian Johnson was forced to leave or risk total hearing loss, and founding guitarist and riff master Malcolm Young died, several years after dementia kept him from performing with the band. With Angus Young the only original member left in the band, and fill-in vocalist Axl Rose busy with Guns N’ Roses, the question has remained as to whether or not the 62 year-old Young would want to make another album. Well, he’s not speaking – yet. However, Murray Engleheart, the band’s biographer, is talking, and he took to Facebook claiming that not only would AC/DC soldier on, but they’d do so with Axl Rose back on vocals:

“Speculate all you want but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: AC/DC will continue with Axl on vocals – new album, touring, the whole nine yards. What was a massive gamble by Angus turned out to be an equally enormous triumph that has set the scene for the future.”

Of course this is just conjecture, but it’s conjecture from a good source. Engleheart has written the book AC/DC Maximum Rock and Roll: The Ultimate Story of the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band, as well as a book on Australian rock. Consequence of Sound says that they’ve reached out to both AC/DC and Axl Roses’s reps, but haven’t heard anything back yet. While a studio album with Rose on vocals would certainly sound different than AC/DC, it’d be pretty fascinating to hear, especially given that he hasn’t sang on a studio album in years. 

[Alternative Nation, via Consequence of Sound]