If you went to AC/DC’s Philadelphia show last month, you definitely saw  bassist Cliff Williams’ last show with the band. Hell, you might have seen the last show ever from the band, as Angus Young is now the only original member of the band. And as admirable a job as Axl Rose did on vocals, to many, the band without Brian Johnson singing in the band just wasn’t the band. Risking total hearing loss if he didn’t come off the road kind of forced his hand though. However, Asius Technologies founder Stephen Ambrose heard about Johnson’s dilemma, and sent him an open letter in the form of a video, urging him to consider their technologies.

The vocalist met with Ambrose and said he was amazed by the technology, with Ambrose saying they’re working on a prototype that could have Johnson singing again in six to twelve months. Speaking to Team Rock, Ambrose says:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we have something that Brian, and other people, can use to return to the stage without any threat of damage to his hearing within the next six to 12 months. I will endeavour to kick up the development of the technology another 10 notches, at which point I expect to get the green light from Brian’s doctors to test the prototype with him. We need to know he can test it without further damaging his hearing. And I expect those tests will go very successfully.”

Of course, it’s not like AC/DC is going to be touring again in six to twelve months. It appears that the touring cycle behind Rock or Bust is over, and they have to find a new bassist as well. But it’s encouraging to hear that it’s being worked on and could benefit others.