Thanks to the world of fake news and gossip, TMZ has posted a new video of a “happy” Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon, out on New Year’s Day, getting gas for their car in Los Angeles. Ozzy didn’t speak much, but it was clear he wasn’t lying on his deathbed. While trying to get answers on Ozzy’s plans for the year, Sharon revealed his new album, Ordinary Man, will be released in February. It wasn’t too long ago last year when we heard the record could potentially arrive in January. However, it’s good to know it’s happening soon and they have “big plans” for this year. 

A false report was published yesterday (1st) from Radar Online, which led fans into a panic as many were uncertain about the Prince of Darkness’ future. The site claimed he’s “losing his marbles” and “prompting pals to believe he’s waiting to die.” Earlier today, Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly, chimed in to deny these “sickening articles” about her dad.  

While we are well aware this was a false report; Scopes has officially confirmed the Radar story is fake. 


Watch the clip below: