Video: Queens Of The Stone Age “Appear Missing” From New Video

Posted by on May 6, 2013

It’s a little less than a month until Queens of the Stone Age release their sixth studio album, Like Clockwork. And while we’ve already heard “My God is the Sun,” the band have unveiled a second song from the album via a very cool animated video. “I Appear Missing is an atmospheric, bluesy  song that fits in with the imagery and past of the band. Given that Homme’s previous band Kyuss emerged from playing in deserts with generators hooked up, it’s fitting the video starts in a desert. As the unnamed protagonist in the video is pecked awake by a crow (not a crooked vulture?), his bloody and bandaged face and hands and the suit he’s wearing recall the black, red and white color scheme of Songs for the Deaf and the video for “Go With the Flow.” He eventually floats towards a city where he drops off a ledge, falling like the opening montage of Mad Men. According to Metal Sucks, this isn’t the full song, just a portion of it. We’re looking forward to hearing the rest of it, not to mention all of Like Clockwork, when it’s released on June 4th.


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