Video premiere: Scattered Hamlet are “White Trash”

Posted by on October 12, 2016


While Scattered Hamlet sounds like a delicious breakfast sandwich, the band’s name likely refers to the fact that its members hail from various parts of the United States. Their sound, however, is straight-ahead Southern-influenced rock and roll. The band define themselves as “honky tonk metal,” drawing from the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Down. Scattered Hamlet’s sophomore album, Swamp Rebel Machine, will be out on November 4th, and we’re psyched to bring you it’s first video, “White Trash.” The video is a fun one, showing the guys hopping into an RV, drinking beer, shooting guns and of course playing a show. Here’s what singer Adam Joad says about “White Trash”:

“White Trash is all about having fun and embracing what we are and where we come from- it’s definitely not a political message, there’s too much damn political division right now, we can all use a laugh and some fun. Music unites, politics divide.”

Amen, brother. So cast your vote on November 8th if you so desire, but four days earlier, you can pick up Swamp Rebel Machine. You can preorder it here.




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