Ned Flanders-themed band Okilly Dokilly release video, album coming

Posted by on November 7, 2016


When we first heard about the first-ever metal band inspired by The Simpsons‘ Ned Flanders, we were surprised that no one had thought of it first. Then we saw what Okilly Dokilly looked like and were even more impressed. Then we listened the music, which was only demos at the time, and our enthusiasm waned quickly. However, the band have jsut announced their first album, Howdilly Doodily, and released a video for the song “White Wine Spritzer,” and, well, it’s not bad at all.

The 13-track album is available for pre-order now, and you’ll get an idea of whether you’ll want to support them by checking out the video. The video’s certainly a lot of fun, as the various Neds drink white wine spritzers, trash the pink room they’re playing in (and their instruments) and kill another Ned that opts out of the spritzer. Also, in case you were wondering whether OD is a gimmick band, they’re touring next year with Mac Sabbath and Metalachi. There’s your answer.

[via theprp]

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