Video premiere: Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard have some Supersonic Rock’nRoll for your Friday

Posted by on February 3, 2017

You can kind of get a hint from the song title “Supersonic Rock’n Roll” what the music of Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard will sound like. The Victoria, Australia band sound like the bastard child of Clutch, ZZ Top and fellow Aussies AC/DC. Blood Duster’s J. Fuller said they were the missing link between Kyuss and Ministry, which also makes sense. The title track of their Napalm Records debut sounds like perfect music to drive fast and get into a barroom brawl to. The title track’s video, which we’re psyched to premiere today is essentially a performance video shot with strobes and trippy camera effects that’s intense enough to have a seizure warning at the beginning of it. 

Supersonic Rock’n Roll will be out on February 24th on Napalm Records. It can be preordered here or on iTunes.

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