Video Of William Shatner Recording “Iron Man” Is Better Than The Actual Cover

Posted by on September 29, 2011


We all know that I’ve been a little hard on William Shatner. However, the basic consensus has been that his cover of “Iron Man,” featuring Zakk Wylde, is not very good. There was potential that Shatner’s over-enunciating speaking/singing style could have made for a fun cover, but in the end simply sounded like Wylde was recording a Black Sabbath cover with bad backup vocals.

So maybe that’s why I actually enjoy the video of Captain Kirk recording the final vocals (which was posted by the Shat himself on his YouTube channel) than the actual cover itself. Sure, it doesn’t actually sound too much better quality wise, but this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Shatner actually performing “Iron Man” spoken word style (or at least without loud guitars draining out his voice). Plus, no words can explain how awesome it is seeing the Shat doing multiple  takes of him screaming “I AM IRON MAN” and “NOBODY WANTS HIM, NOW HE HAS HIS REVENGE!”

So go ahead and watch the video of Shatner recording vocals for his cover of “Iron Man” up top. Then, if you need a little more Shat in your morning, check out his rendition of Guns N’ Roses “You Could Be Mine” after the jump. The GN’R cover was done at the 1992 MTV Movie Awards, which had Shatner perform spoken word covers of the songs nominated for “Best Song.”


Shatner’s cover of “Iron Man” will be featured on his rock covers album Searching For Major Tom, which hits stores on October 11 via Cleopatra Records.

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