Video: Dave Lombardo Makes It Rain (Blood) With Metal Mariachi Band

Posted by on January 8, 2013

“Raining Blood” has reached that point where it’s almost a cliche for a metal band to bust out into the beginning of it (we’d put “Angel of Death” and “Walk” in the same category). There are a few instances where that doesn’t apply, though. One is if a member of Slayer is involved in playing it. Another is if it’s a mariachi band. So two birds were killed with one stone this past weekend when drummer Dave Lombardo joined Metalachi, the “worlds first and only heavy metal mariachi band,” to cover the song in Los Angeles.

The band describes themselves as “a five-piece ensemble of classically-trained mariachi musician¬†brothers¬† but taking their cues from KISS, GWAR and Rob Zombie.” It’s hard to get all of that from this performance, but it’s definitely entertaining. And it’s great to see that Dave Lombardo is game to have some fun. Also, Slayyerrrrrr! Check the video out after the jump:

[via Metal Injection]


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