Dave Lombardo joins new hardcore punk band with Retox, The Locust members

Posted by on November 20, 2015

Dave Lombardo is a living legend among metalheads, not only for his exceptional drumming and his contributions to Slayer for all the years he was in the band, but because he’s one of the busiest drummers in the industry. After the most recent split with Slayer, Lombardo focused his attention to his other project PHILM and has been on tour since the beginning of the year, just finishing a tour in Europe a few months back with off dates scheduled on the west coast and Mexico but, due to personal reasons the band went on hiatus.

Lombardo being Lombardo, he wasn’t going to wait and see what was going to happen, so he’s joined forces with Retox’s Mike Crane, The Locust vocalist Gabe Serbian and bassist Justin Pearson to make a new band called Dead Cross. Lombardo spoke to Noisey about how the plans came about during an encounter with Pearson while he was meeting with producer Ross Robinson:

“Justin’s guitar player from his new band, Retox, was there as well, so we caught up on some stories, and I told them the situation that I was in, and they were very excited to help and put something together and do these shows. Ross was really excited to see our camaraderie and enthusiasm, too, and said, ‘When you guys get music together, come on in and let’s record it. It’s really a surprise to me how fast it all came together; it’s mindblowing, I couldnt belive it. We’ve been rehearsing now for three days, writing music.”

Lombardo continued about the project:

“It’s just straightforward brutal punk— metal-esque, but it’s definitely not metal. I think it definitely leans more towards the punk style, because I feel that the way things are in the world, a punk attitude is definitely necessary to help you along with the shit that’s going on. There’s no time to sing “We Are the World,” or all this bullshit, we’re all pissed right now, and there’s no better way to release anger than to be in a punk band and write punk music.”

This is really exciting for anyone who cares about Lombardo’s musical endeavors, Retox, The Locust or just hardcore punk in general. Can you imagine what Lombardo’s drumming would sound like on a band with those two guys? I can’t but definitely want to listen to that.

The band is set to be a live-outfit only and has 2 dates scheduled , one at The Roxy Theatre, Hollywood on December 2 and the other at The Glass House Concert Hall, Pomona on December 3, both of them in Southern California. If you happen to be near those two cities, please go and let us know how it went.

dead cross

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