Video: Caught Somewhere In Text By Bruce Dickinson

Posted by on July 23, 2012


Being addressed directly by Bruce Dickinson during a concert – sounds like every Iron Maiden fan’s dream come true. Right? Unless…

The metal legends that will appear on a Deep Purple tribute album set to be released in September played a show at the Klipsch Music Center in Indianapolis last Thursday. One of the people that went to see them, and made the effort to get all the way to the front, one might want to add, may not have been too happy about the impression he made on the Iron Maiden singer. Just before breaking into the song “Wasted Years”, Bruce called out one apparently not too interested concertgoer in the front rows:

Oh, for fuck’s sake! The guy with the bald head in the white shirt – you’ve been texting for the last fucking three songs! You’re a wanker!

Cheers mate, you just made Bruce Dickinson dislike you for eternity. Granted, he cannot have been the only one glued to his phone at the concert, because well, it’s 2012 and all that. But it sure teaches future concertgoers some important lessons: Bruce Dickinson has eyes like a friggin’ eagle, and if you’re at an Iron Maiden concert the only thing you should be holding in your hand is a beer.

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