Bruce Dickinson working on another Iron Maiden beer

Posted by on January 11, 2016

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson has done it all. Written a fiction novel, become a pilot, beat cancer, and worked on Iron Maiden’s Trooper beer. As if touring later this year and working on his autobiography isn’t enough for him to do in 2016, he’s in the process of working on yet another beer for the band. The International Business Times reports that the new Maiden beer will be “somewhere between a stout and a porter,” and he’ll be working on it with Robinsons, the company that’s made Trooper and the limited edition Trooper 6.66. Like the second one, his new collaboration will be limited edition, and the website says that Dickinson has completed tastings for the brew, which will launch at the end of the year.

Dickinson says that they were initially approached about an Iron Maiden red wine, but he countered with beer:

“We said why would we want to do that? But it gave us the idea of doing beer instead. [I] selfishly wanted it to be the kind of beer I liked: a traditional English cask ale with lots of flavour but you can drink a few of them without falling on your arse,”

With three versions of Maiden beer, they don’t plan on stopping soon. The article quotes someone with Phantom Music Management as saying they plan on launching a seasonal or limited-edition beer every year, while identifying another permanent beer alongside Trooper. The new beer will probably be named after another Maiden song. Any suggestions?


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