Best Video Ever Of The Week: Iron Maiden Performs At Polish Wedding

Posted by on September 30, 2010


One of the advantages of dating a Polish metal chick is that she informs me of metal little tidbits that I didn’t even know about. For example, she recently informed me that during their 1984 World Slavery Tour, Iron Maiden performed at a Polish wedding. That’s right, a Polish wedding!

It turns out that on a particular night after a show, the band were looking for a place to drink. They stumbled upon a ballroom where indeed a wedding was taking place. Although they were originally turned away, apparently the groom (who just so happened to be a Maiden fan and was pissed he missed the show that night) saw them and flipped out. Thus, he asked the band to stay and perform. And so they did, fulfilling every metal head’s dream wedding.

But guess what makes this better…there’s video of it!! The video seen above was originally apart of the Behind The IRON Curtain documentary, which is now featured as bonus material on the Live After Death DVD. Check out the video above to hear drummer Nicko McBrain explain the incident and to watch Bruce and the gang tear through “Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water.”

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