Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider wins big for Veterans on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Posted by on June 22, 2021


Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider and his family won big on Sunday night’s (June 20) episode of Celebrity Family Feud, taking home $25,000 for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. 

Snider, appearing with his wife and children as the “Snider: Growing Up Twisted clan,” went up against NFL Hall of Famer/sports commentator Terry Bradshaw and his family in the first half of the episode (two “feuds” make up an hour-long episode). Winning handily, the Snider’s went on to play the “fast money” round for the money. Dee answered with several number one answers, gaining 178 points and making it very easy for his wife to clinch the victory. 

Tweeted Snider following the episode:

“The fact that veterans are living on the streets is tragic. They should be supported and honored, not homeless!” 

Snider announced his episode of the show on Twisted Sister bandmate Mark “The Animal” Mendoza’s ‘22 Now’ podcast last week, commenting that his was the first rock family to be on the show. “They’ve had hip-hop, they’ve had pop — they’ve never had a rock and roll family on the show,” he said during the interview. “I remember we were kind of debating, like, do we go in and treat it like it’s a joke — you know what I mean?! Just like a big goof out of it — or do we take it seriously. And they expect us to be a joke. So we wanted to go in there and go for the gold.”

Now in its eighth season, Celebrity Family Feud is hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, who also hosts the regular syndicated daytime version of the show. The current season was announced in March and was filmed under Covid-19 restrictions, hence the new, spaced-out look of the set. 

The Snider’s are no strangers to reality and competition shows. Dee appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Wife Swap and Rock The Cradle, among other shows. The family also starred in the short-lived A&E series Snider: Growing Up Twisted in 2010. 

Dee Snider will be releasing his fifth studio album, Leave A Scar, on July 30. He released the album’s first single, “I Gotta Rock (Again),” in May.



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