Dee Snider’s ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ to air this Sunday

Posted by on June 15, 2021

Photo Credit: Paul McGuire


You may know Dee Snider as the front of heavy rock’s Twisted Sister, but now as the head of his own family, the patriarch of the Snider: Growing up Twisted clan, leads his crew into battle on The Celebrity Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey. The episode will air on Sunday (20th) on ABC. You can witness the Growing up Twisted team face off against The Bradshaw family led by Super Bowl quarterback and first-ballot Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When asked about the appearance on Twisted Sister bassist Mark “The Animal” Mendoza’s Internet show “22 Now,” Snider had this to say:

“My family and I, the whole Snider Growing Up Twisted clan, are on Celebrity Family Feud, and our episode is airing on June 20th on ABC at 8 o’clock on the East Coast. We went up against Terry Bradshaw and his family. And I will just say we kicked ass, and we represented. Now, it turned out we were the first rock family to be on the show. They’ve had hip-hop, they’ve had pop — they’ve never had a rock and roll family on the show. I remember we were kind of debating, like, do we go in and treat it like it’s a joke — you know what I mean?! Just like a big goof out of it — or do we take it seriously. And they expect us to be a joke. So we wanted to go in there and go for the gold. So I can’t say how it went other than to say we kicked ass. That I can say.”


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