Tool posts visual teaser on band’s website

Posted by on January 29, 2019

While there have been updates on the new Tool album for at least five years, it’s safe to say; this year could be it. Drummer Danny Carey surprised us over the weekend when he said the group plans to release the record in April. Looking at the group’s touring schedule that includes Epicenter Festival, Welcome to Rockville, Hellfest, and a summer European tour; it’s quite possible the LP will arrive sometime in April. Following Carey’s reveal, the band updated their website with what could be the first real teaser of the album.

For those who are part of the Tool Army (or you can sign up now via the band’s website), you will notice an animation, which we all believe is the first real teaser for the new album.

You can watch the stream of it below:

Additionally, you will find the below visuals directly on the group’s website:
Therefore, we can only suspect Tool will announce album details any day now. Maynard James Keenan has previously revealed  lyrics have been tracked since last year as he assured the new album would arrive in 2019. While we’ve seen many studio updates, we’ve also heard that every song will be over ten minutes long. We are excited to hear that this is a concrete update and not just a mistake made by Google, which we saw last year.


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