This past weekend, Tool held their first music clinic on Friday (11th) at the Myth Live Event Center in St. Paul MN. Now, while we continue to be in the dark about when their new album will arrive, we do know they have entered the studio as well as revealed a teaser of the already teased song, “Descending.” Now, thanks to Reddit and the internet,  Reddit user ncast2523 shared that the band answered the following questions about what will eventually be the follow-up to 10.000 Days:

Drum tracking is done Recording to tape for that analog warmth Scratch guitar, vocal and bass tracks were made Every song is over 10 minutes long.

The group held a Q&A in between each song and according to Setlist.FM, they played the following tracks:

The Grudge

Forty Six & 2


(Unknown) – (New Transition (Danny on synth & drums)



Opiate – (Re-recording(video))



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