This week’s top five videos include Upon A Burning Body, Meshuggah

Posted by on October 14, 2016


It has been a bit silent this week regarding music video premieres; however, I managed to find five that are more entertaining to watch. This week ranged from visually graphic-induced to bizarre, “what the hell am I watching?” videos. Here are this week’s top five music videos!


5) SWMRS – “Palm Trees”

Starting things off with more of a Punk Rock sound I bumped into SWMRS’ brand new video “Palm Trees” off of the album Drive North, and I could not stop watching it. You notice strange figures as there are outcast signs such as “Freak” engraved in foreheads and there are more details behind each visual to make you keep watching.


4) Knuckle Puck – “Evergreen”

Next, we have more of a Pop-Punk sound that takes me back to the late nineties era of Blink 182 with Knuckle Puck’s “Evergreen” off of the debut 2015 album Copacetic. I am someone that has worked in a room filled with several different monitors, and maybe that is why this one appeals to me. You walk through the woods that have TV screens ranging from old Standard Definition Tubes to flat screen as you continue to watch the band perform.  


3) Upon a Burning Body – “Already Broken”

Finally new material has arrived from these Texas metallers with “Already Broken” off of their upcoming album Straight From The Barrio via Sumerian Records on October 28th. You see them performing at a cowboy-like club as a group of mysterious women break things up inside.


2) Dark Tranquillity – “Atoma”

Maybe this is not entirely a music video as it just holds graphics for the entire duration. However, this is Dark Tranquility so who cares. I personally cannot wait for the new album as they released the title track “Atoma.” The video spins with artwork as the song take complete control. Atoma will be out on November 4th through Century Media Records.


1) Meshuggah – “Clockworks”

This video should be no secret as we were excited about its premiere last Friday. I had no choice but to save the best for last with Meshuggah’s “Clockworks.” The song itself holds a powerful meaning how we all get lost in our own “Clockwork” thought process and the video spirals along with this emotion with the visual graphic enhancements. Meshuggah’s The Violent Sleep of Reason is out now under Nuclear Blast, and I highly recommend you pick this one up.


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