This is all you need to know about Becoming Black Metal

Posted by on June 30, 2015


We’ve got to give Joey Siler credit. He’s not just resting on his laurels from Cooking Hostile with Phil Anselmo. He’s played around with other metal conventions, like the origin of Korn’s name and a feline version of Alice in Chains. Now he’s teaching you how to become black metal. It’s a little South Park-y, following a protagonist who walks into a store and purchases a DVD on how to become black metal. From there on, he pops the DVD in and we’re introduced to Duke Onyx, a Southern gentleman that’s an  “instructor of darkness.” His simple six-point plan helps the kid transform into “kvlt as fuck in no time.” It’s definitely good for a few laughs, especially when it comes to the guitar and logo design. Given that there’s already a handful of shirts and a coffee mug available in a merch store, it seems like Siler is going to try keep this going,


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