Find out how Korn got their name, fictionally

Posted by on April 22, 2015


Like a junior Brendon Small, Joey Siler has been a go-to guy for animated metal. His “Cooking Hostile” series was enough to get Phil Anselmo himself involved, and he’s been creating other clips as well. Last month gave us Kitties In Chains, and now it looks like he has a whole new idea, Secret Metal Mysteries. Episode 1 starts with a disclaimer that Secret Metal Mysteries is completely fictional, then goes into completely fictional story of how Korn got their name. So wait, we’re to believe that Jonathan Davis didn’t really watch a bunch of ears of corn play music, then enlist Chino Moreno of Deftones to shuck them so he could appropriate their name? Get outta town! Like Kitties In Chains, perhaps the best part of the clip are the other vegetable-based band names in the background (Kaleyeah, The Black Vidalia Murder). Like Siler’s past stuff, it’s pretty silly, but also well done enough that you probably won’t be facepalming.


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