Did you enjoy Cooking Hostile With Phil Anselmo? We did. The Joey Siler-created cartoon was funny, goofy and didn’t overstay its welcome. By the last installment, even Anselmo himself joined in on the fun. Siler is back with an Alice In Chains parody of “Man in the Box.” The band is called Kitties In Chains, and of course, the song is called “Cat In the Box.” After the song starts (with “meows,” natch), the funniest and punniest part about the short clip is the band names behind the trio of felines. “Nine Inch Tails,” “Empurror,” “Mecalico,” and “Cathairball Corpse” are among the bands, not to mention the cat food brand, Seupltuna. There’s even a shout-out to the Pantera cover band that soundtracked Cooking Hostile. It’s definitely good for a laugh or two.