Stormruler share “Reign of the Winged Duke” video

Posted by on March 10, 2021

Photo Credit: Chris Bauer


St.Louis-based black metal duo Stormruler have recently signed with Napalm Records, and will release their debut full-length effort, Under The Burning Eclipse, on May 28th. The group has now unveiled the first taste of their record by releasing the new single “Reign Of The Winged Duke.”  


The duo comments:

“‘Reign Of The Winged Duke’ is a great lead off track because we feel it most strongly represents our overall sound. The imagery of the song lends itself well to video performance too!”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:



Track List:

01) The Shine Of Ivory Horns

02) Reign Of The Winged Duke

03) The March Onto Golden Lands

04) Age Of Steel & Blood

05) Culling Of The Blood Moon

06) Blood Of The Old Wolf

07) Journey To The Unknown

08) Under The Burning Eclipse

09) Prithee, Chosen

10) Of Hollowed Souls & Distant Flames

11) An Empire Of Ash & Dust

12) At The Cliffs Of Azure City

13) Illuminating The Ancient Sky

14) Dawn Of The Eternal Fire

15) A Message From A Foreign King

16) Mark Of The Valkyrie

17) Blood Ritual

18) Fear The Old Blood

19) Fields Of Mortal Shame




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