Scale The Summit to return with fifth album, V

Posted by on June 29, 2015


It’s been two years since progressive instrumental quartet Scale the Summit have released an album, but they’ve announced that they’ll be returning with their fifth album, appropriately titled V, on September 18th. We’d love to tell you what the album looks like, but that’s going to take two weeks. See, the band will be unveiling the cover over the next two weeks, as each song on the album has an image that represents the title of a specific song on the album, and the label will release  snippets each day. The first song snippet to be revealed is a song called “The Winged Bull,” and what do you know, there’s a winged bull in the album artwork. You can check out your first piece of it above.

Here’s what bassist Mark Michell says about “The Winged Bull”:

I think this is one of the greatest ‘intros to a song’ the band has done, and we owe it to the new addition of J.C. Bryant on drums really taking things to a new level dynamically. I felt great about opening the album with this for that reason alone!”


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