Sock Puppet Parody take on Pantera, with Vinnie Paul cameo

Posted by on September 1, 2015

[youtube][/youtube]Those wacky Sock Puppet Parody guys are at it again. We’ve seen them do laundry-centric versions of songs by Rage Against the Machine, Metallica and Slayer, among others. You’d think they might have gotten around to Pantera by now, but they just did today. We’re graced with “Hamptera,” a band playing a song called “Sock.” and it’s of course, a song about socks slipping down your ankle. However, at the end of it, Vinnie Paul stops by for a one liner. If Vinnie and Phil can’t get along in real life, at least we can take solace knowing that if metal YouTube parodies exist long enough, they’ll wind up with cameos in them.

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