Rage Against the Machine get Sock Puppet treatment

Posted by on October 17, 2014

Who hasn’t lost a sock or two in the laundry? Thankfully we have this Sock Puppet video, doing a parody of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name,” to help ease our pain.

“Rage Against The Washing Machine’s video hits you like a spin cycle of color and intensity. The protest starts with a lost sock then rises into the destruction of the machine (err washing machine that is). Heed the call and join the revolution

Sock Puppet Parody takes iconic bands and glorifies their undergarments by making high quality music videos featuring socks. Rage Against The Washing Machine is the last in a 6 episode series, but the channel has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to bring more music, fabric, and insanity for season two. Donate here.”

It’s a well done video, for sure, and the music, done by Kitty V and Robert Garza (Mad Mexicans/Rise Against the Machine) on vocals, really bring it all together. But it will be hard to top their Slayer “cover.” If you love it you can buy the track on Bandcamp, too.


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