This time, Philip Anselmo comes along for ‘Cooking Hostile’

Posted by on August 18, 2014


So far, there have been three pretty hysterical “Cooking Hostile” episodes, the animated cooking show supposedly narrated by Philip Anselmo. The series, drawn and animated by Joey Siler, has  been comic gold for people that like metal and bad cooking puns, and apparently, it was enough for Anselmo himself to get involved for the fourth episode. “Chuck Billy. “Chris Cornell,” “Even Seinfeld,” “Buckethead” and “Ozzy Osbourne” (who’s also voiced by Anselmo) also appear in the episode, continuing the trend of more than just Pantera and Down being in the episodes. Entitled “The Dream,” Phil has a dream in which he appears on a cooking game show, Slawtered. It’s pretty surreal, and kind of funny, especially when an ad for “Katakalysion Automobile Insurance” comes up. In fact, there are enough in-jokes throughout the entire episode that any metal fan should enjoy it.

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