In 2012, Slipknot’s inaugural Knotfest was a two day event in the midwest, taking place in Iowa and Minnesota. After taking the year off in 2013, it’s been announced that the fest will be coming back this year. However, those in the midwest, as well as the south, the East Coast and the West Coast are out of luck this year, as it’s going to be taking place in Japan. Much like 2012’s iteration, the 2014 version will take place over two days, November 15th and 16th. While the band’s website went dark a few weeks ago, now there’s a single word, “Japan,” which takes those that click on it to Knotfest Japan. There’s a short video, which you can view above, in which the band’s Clown chats about the fest. He promises “many, many, many bands,” although none of them have been revealed yet. It’s pretty much a lock that Slipknot will be playing, though. It can also be assumed that they’ll have both a new drummer and a new album by then as well, so they’ve got that happening for them.