SikTh announce new album, release new single

Posted by on February 10, 2017

It’s been eleven years since SikTh released their sophomore album, Death of a Dead Day. The band are essentially credited with helping invent djent with their unorthodox style of music, blending prog-metal, nu-metal and mathcore. The band broke up in 2008, two years after that album, but reunited in 2014, releasing an EP laset year. Today, they announced the release date for their third album, and a new lyric video, “No Wishbones.”

The new song sounds like a hyperactive mix of System of a Down, Korn and The Dillinger Escape Plan, and fans of all three bands, as well as those that have wanted a proper follow-up to Death of Dead Day. Here’s what vocalist Mikee Goodman says about the new album:

We’ve started recording and it is sounding really vibey so far. This album should be a lot more aggressive than our Opacities EP on the whole. A lot of slamming grooves there, also lots of intricacy and dynamics as always”. He goes on to explain the creative process within the band “There is a formula in SikTh which works well. I always take the lead in the early stages and also I write all lyrics. But of course I am open to Joe Rosser, our new vocalist’s melodic input later on. We have not entered that stage yet. These initial steps are me laying my ideas in, since I have a great studio set up, if I do something awesome now, it goes straight on the record. That’s a great thing because as most vocalists will tell you, it’s all about the vibe and feeling. It’s all about the moment.

The new album will be released in May on Millennium Night, a new imprint from Snapper Music, which is the home of Peaceville Records and Kscope. The band’s label takes it’s name from a song on their debut album, The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild. The band will begin a UK tour opening for Trivium starting tomorrow. If you’re in the UK, get tickets here.

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