See You In Hell, say Electric Wizard

Posted by on September 28, 2017

The forthcoming Electric Wizard album isn’t a huge departure from their signature Sabbathian style. The title, Wizard Bloody Wizard, telegraphs that before you hear note one. However, opener “See You In Hell,” which premiered today on Noisey, is a lot more straightforward and riffy than the lysergic Time to Die. That was entirely intentional, guitarist/vocalist Jus Osborn says:

“We set out to record the most brutally simple and Neanderthal song ever,” vocalist and guitarist Jus Osborn told Noisey, who produced the record alongside guitarist Liz Buckingham in their own Satyr IX recording studio. “No finesse, no frills, just a mindless Neanderthal thud. We needed to take it back to the roots, strip it back to the blues again and then play it our way….louder, dirtier and sicker. Super heavy, snail-paced, brain damage boogie…caveman drumming, screeching feedback, screaming vocals….we wanted every note to scream fuck you and your world. That’s the roots of heavy metal….y’know Blue Cheer, Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Stooges….music ‘the man’ fucking hates, music people with ‘good taste’ despise.”

Although they’ve been around for nearly a quarter of a century, Electric Wizard are firing on all cylinders here. WIzard Bloody Wizard will be out on November 10th on Spinefarm Records.




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