Scott Stapp of Creed reviews ‘Creed’ for Funny of Die

Posted by on November 23, 2015

Scott Stapp sure has a sense of humor about himself. Take, for example, last year when he posted a hysterical video when he said that he was under a vicious attack and claimed that the CIA was behind Alcoholics Anonymous. Okay, maybe that was an actual video he made from a hotel room that wasn’t meant to be intentionally funny. Since then, he’s admitted that he’s bipolar, and apparently has cleaned up his act. The folks at Funny or Die got him to review a film, appropriately, the forthcoming boxing drama Creed. Of course Stapp compares the film to his former band, and it’s moderately humorous. Stapp looks noticeably better than he did in last year’s grainy black and white video, and makes a hell of a lot more sense. There’s also a pretty funny joke at the expense of 311. Look, the guy’s been through a lot, and as long as he sticks to this, he’s got a promising career. He promises to review the Assassins Creed movie as well, so as long as he gets to review Creed-related stuff that isn’t his own band, we’re ok with that.


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