Photo Credit: Alex Krauss


Folterkammer have premiered their new single, “Leck Mich,” along with a scandalous video clip set in the 18th century starring their vocalist Andromeda Anarchia in a dominatrix role. The provocative and intense song is musically a journey between the sounds of classical music and the powerful tints of modern black metal. In the images accompanying the new single, you can appreciate the feminine strength in an encounter for sovereignty and power. The fast guitar riffs add the final intensity to the cruel story told with a perfect mix of beauty and brutality. Their new albumWeibermacht, will be released on April 19th via Century Media Records. The band recently announced their first US tour, starting on March 22nd.

Anarchia explais:

 “The expression ‘Leck mich!’ has several meanings in German. The literal (Lick me!) and the more abstract, vulgar version, short for ‘Leck mich am (Arsch)!’ (lick my a$$!), which is vulgar for: ‘Leave me alone!’ or ‘Fvck off!’. The term ‘Weibermacht’ refers to an art and cultural-historical motif and describes the triumph of women (and their erotic power) and love over men. In poetry, particularly powerful, wise, strong, and beautiful men allow themselves to be seduced by the folly of love and lose their self-control, virtue, dominance or even their lives. In the song ‘Leck mich!’ the commanding tone is set; men are once again playfully commanded into the submissive and obedient role. ‘Who sets the tone here? there is a clear answer: The goddess, the mistress, the dominatrix.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:



Track List:

01) Anno Domina

02) Leck Mich

03) Die Unterwerfung

04) Kuess mir die Fuesse

05) Algolagnia

06) Herrin der Schwerter

07) Das Peitschengedicht

08) Venus In Furs (Cover Version)



Tour Dates:

w/ Witching

03/22 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery

03/23 Richmond, VA @ Another Round

03/24 Columbus, OH @ The Summit

03/25 Chattanooga, TN @ Dark Roast

03/26 Nashville, TN @ The End

03/27 Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle

03/28 Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge

03/29 Cleveland, OH @ No Class

03/30 Brooklyn, NY @ Kingsland