Noisey Shreds return with Kvelertak, discussing recording studios in Norwegian prisons

Posted by on March 2, 2017

A few weeks ago we discovered the new Noisey series called Noisey Shreds that featured Slayer discussing politics and gun control. Today, Noisey published their third video of the series featuring Kvelertak at the Museum of Death in LA, discussing the death penalty, Norwegian prisons, and more.

The band admitted Norwegian prisons feel more like a summer camp since recording studios, schools and more are included.

Vocalist Erlend Hjelvik explained:

“We believe in rehabilitating people instead of punishing them.”

Later in the video, they discussed moving away from black metal.

Hjelvik stated:

“We just like to flirt with certain elements from it (black metal), so we borrow a lot of stuff but we are not afraid to be catchy.”

The band also discussed their experience touring with Metallica in Europe.

Hjelvik expressed:

“I was just surprised that a band (Metallica) at that level pays attention to new music so I thought it was cool that they still do that.”

Watch the full episode below:

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