Metallica featured in ‘Carpool Karaoke’ commercial during Grammys

Posted by on February 13, 2017

At a certain point, let’s say after Metallica and Lady Gaga performed, the commercials were about as interesting as the performances at last night’s Grammys. It’s no secret that Metallica had several technical issues and no one really knew what was going on with Beyonce’s performance. But some ads like Chick-Fil-A’s Cows VR one with it’s Starship/Mannequin flashback, were fun.

No one seemed to announce Metallica properly including James Corden’s opening monologue, where he said “Gaga was here to Rock with a band, where else could you see all the things that we planned?” We are sure he most likely couldn’t find something that rhymed well with “Metallica.” However, if we knew where the night was headed, it would have been nice to hear their name at least once. Luckily, for those that did tune into the commercials, Metallica received some recognition there.

Apple Music, moving into video programming, is making a series out of Corden’s segment on his late night show, Carpool Karaoke. An extensive 60-second commercial for it features all of Metallica along with Billy Eichner. It’s a hilarious commercial and while hearing people enjoying some soulful hits, you hear snippets of “MASTER!” mixing in perfectly.  Looking at the commercial closely, there are clips of Metallica in a grocery store, similar to what we noticed late last year with them rocking out to “Enter Sandman” in LA. There are tons of other stars in the ad as well, including Will Smith, John Legend, Ariana Grande, John Cena, and Alicia Keys. This could be fun.

See the full commercial here:


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