Metallica and Lady Gaga’s Grammy performance marred by Grammys

Posted by on February 12, 2017


When we first heard about Lady Gaga sharing the stage with Metallica, our first thoughts were, how can a pop icon mix with metal legends? We would’ve thought the performance would be a known track from the Black Album such as “Enter Sandman.” However, the performance was not what any of us would’ve expected.

First off Laverne Cox forgot to mention WHO the 8 time Grammy winners were, leaving the announcement with “Eight time Grammy winners and six time Grammy winners, Lady Gaga!”

Secondly, when “Moth Into Flame” kicked in full gear, James Hetfield sang into a somewhat unplugged microphone. We are sure many questioned if there was something wrong with their speakers at home, however, there was no sound.

In all fairness, as a pop artist, Lady Gaga gave it her metal all. She rocked that stage, including diving into the crowd. It was adorable to watch, considering she was overwhelmed doing something different and having fun with it. Hetfield was still a pro, not letting on how pissed he was until the very end. A friend of ours said the performance, which included plenty of of pyro and some background headbangers, as “a live version of Guitar Hero.”

Dealing with the technical issues like a pro, Lady Gaga shared her microphone with James, to complete the performance:

Despite the endless sound issues, Metallica gave it their all and continued to perform until the very end. James Hetfield (rightfully so) aggressively threw down his mic stand and guitar following the performance.

During the Grammy Awards, we got to see Adele mess up and have a “do-over” for her George Michael tribute. However, Metallica didn’t get announced nor had James microphone raised.

Lady Gaga, for her part, pledged her allegiance to Metallica by receiving a tattoo to remember this evening for the rest of her life.


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Watch the full clip here:


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