megadethdystopiacoverRemember when Megadeth announced that they were working on producing a handful of music videos recorded with 360° cameras to release as a virtual reality concert? With the current advancements in virtual reality technology, it was a smart move by Dave Mustaine to push this idea with the release of their latest album Dystopia which had a virtual reality goggle bundle to enjoy the virtual reality concert they made. And now, the band just revealed their latest 360 video with “Poisonous Shadows.”

We can see what Mustaine must have seen when he decided to venture into this new ground and make a virtual reality concert video. While it is still a bit clunky to be clicking and dragging to camera to see your surroundings, we can see how this can get improved to make full-blown concerts and DVD’s with this technology, which have to be experienced with actual VR goggles.

Take a look at the video below and feel free to move the camera away from Megadave to enjoy the rest of the band doing their thing.