Megadeth will release their newest album Dystopia this Friday (22) and as we mentioned earlier this week with other marketing shtick to promote a new album, bands need to get creative to get attention, and the accessibility of different kinds of media makes this possible. Megadeth have been innovating for years now; the band was the first metal band to have a website back in the 90’s even before no one really knew what it was.

Megadeth will try to break ground again by making a new virtual reality experience with the use of actual VR technology to bring you on stage and see the band perform 5 songs from the new album: “Fatal Illusion,” “The Threat Is Real,” “Dystopia,” “Post-American World” and “Poisonous Shadows.” Rolling Stone approached the band and discuss the idea and record some behind-the-scenes footage at Los Angeles soundstage with director Blair Underwood. Mustaine comments about the VR experience:

“We’re hoping for something that is completely mind-blowing, and we’re doing something that to the best of my knowledge hasn’t been done yet by any metal bands and maybe not any bands at all, you’re not only going to be able to see what we’re doing — you’re going to feel like you’re right in the room with us.”

The visors and footage for the performance will become available in a special edition set of Dystopia which will include your unique code for accessing VR video featuring the band; Download Ceek app to access the Megadeth Virtual Reality Dystopian world and for easy setup instructions. High Quality lenses with High Light Transmittance for best visual experience. You can still order the bundle here.