Mastodon show off their rehearsal studio, fan made video

Posted by on April 30, 2014


We finally know that Mastodon’s new album, Once More ‘Round the Sun will be coming out on June 26th. Now we can find out where it was crafted. In a video interview with the band, Metal Hammer got a chance to see Thunderbox Studios, the rehearsal spot where the band spends all of their time when they’re not on the road or in the studio. Troy Sanders and Brann Dailor walk around the outside of the studio, the water cooler, and finally, the room where they rehearse.

In other Mastodon news, a fan has made a stellar stop-motion fan video for The Hunter‘s “Bedazzled Fingernails.” Artist and drummer Thomas J. Yagodinski has crafted a fantastic video that’s a love letter to the band. The Creature from the Black Lagoon (or the creature from “The Creature Lives” is represented, Dailor is Eddie from Iron Maiden in a nod to Maiden’s Live After Death cover , and the level of detail is impressive, down to Dailor’s Randy Rhoads-inspired polka dot drums. It looks painstaking crafted, and leads to the band playing in a forest that looks a lot more like the one from the “Curl of the Burl” video than it does Thunderbox Studios. Either way, great job.


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