Mastodon unveil amazingly trippy album art, video for new album

Posted by on April 29, 2014

We’d already known that Oakland artist Skinner was doing the art for Mastodon’s Once More ‘Round the Sun, and we’d even seen a bit of a preview of what it would look like from the “High Road” single. Yesterday, the artist unveiled the cover to the album, and it looks pretty amazing. A multi-toothed creature holds what looks to be a sun in one hand, and there’s lots of psychedelic stuff happening. The extended piece shows another creature holding a pyramid, and both creature’s eyes extend towards another sphere. It looks amazing, and it’s a given that as good as the CD looks that it will look even better on vinyl (update: yep! See below). There’s also been an “audio visualizer” released for the song, which is essentially Skinner’s art animated set to the song. Here’s what Skinner himself said about the art via his Facebook page. 

Here’s the cover to the new MASTODON album I did.. It’s actually a huge pullout with3 more panels that sort of tell the universal story of life and death. Get the vinyl and see the whole thing. This album is incredible and I’m really honored to have been asked to do this with the mastodon boys. They are incredible artists and explorative spirits. Always moving. Always changing and I love them! 

Also, it’s mentioned in the artwork that the album will be released on June 24th, so now we know when it’ll be out. And hey, here’s a track listing:

Tread Lightly
The Motherload
High Road
Once More ‘Round the Sun
Chimes at Midnight
Asleep in the Deep
Feast Your Eyes
Aunt Lisa
Ember City
Diamond in the Witch House (feat. Scott Kelly of Neurosis)








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