As promised, “Deathbound,” an unreleased Mastodon song from the Crack the Skye sessions, made its premiere today. While the song wasn’t available for free download on Adult Swim’s website as of yet, it should be imminently. The song also comes with a video, which is straight up awesome. Blending Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with Jim Henson-like puppets gone wild, it perfectly fits both Adult Swim and Mastodon’s  sensibility. After all, this is the band that appeared in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, and Brent Hinds isn’t beyond having some fun either. As for the song, it’s heavier than anything that was on CTS, and although it was recorded during those sessions, it could be a taste of what’s to come when The Hunter comes out later this year.

In Adult Swim’s words: Mastodon and Adult Swim have been working together for a long time. We asked them for a song for our Adult Swim Singles Program (fun fact: not a dating service). When they sent us this incredible jam, we knew we had to make a video for it. So we called our friends at Authority Films, and of course, the first thing they thought was “puppets!” Just watch.