Did you love Mastodon’s Crack The Skye but feel that seven tracks just weren’t enough? Well thanks to Adult Swim and Kia, you’ll get to hear a recorded gem that didn’t make it onto the record for FREE. That’s right, starting tomorrow you can go to Adult Swim’s download page and get the previously unreleased song.

This free download comes just in time as we patiently (?) wait for Mastodon’s new album The Hunter. As we get closer and closer to October (when it’s expected to be released), more new song titles get leaked. Most recently, the song title “Dry Bone Valley” was revealed by the band. However, such updates only make us more antsy to actually hear new material. So while a track from the Crack The Skye recording sessions might not give us a true first taste of the new album, it’ll still be nice to hear (somewhat) new Mastodon music. Plus…it’s FREE, you cheap bastards!

[via Metal Sucks]