Machine Head’s kind of kept a semi-low profile lately. Last year, they released a standalone single, “Is There Anybody Out There,” that seemed like a concerted effort to get active rock radio airplay, or at least a lot of satellite radio airplay on SiriusXM. It’s  been three years since their last album, the double-length Bloodstone and Diamonds, and it turns out they’re up to something. Robb Flynn broke the silence on a Facebook Live video:

“We’ve been writing – that’s the good news. Songs are flowing, we’ve got metal coursing through our veins and we’re blazing a trail of destruction second to none. Nothing much to talk about there, I’m being tight lipped. You may have noticed that we’ve been quiet on the Machine Head social’s camp, and that’s on purpose. Just kind of laying low.”

Sure, but how low are they laying? Over the weekend, they posted a few shots of in-studio type stuff. A guitar headstock, a distortion pedal and oh hey, a mixing board with a bumper sticker that says “Distort Everything.” It didn’t take people long to realize that Converge’s Kurt Ballou has a mixing board with the same sticker. In fact, you can even see it in a tweet from Sleep. Flynn is playing it coy, not stating who they’re in the studio with, ir even that thy’re in the studio, but it seems like too much of a coincidence. 



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