Lamb of God gets the bagpipe treatment

Posted by on August 11, 2016


When you think of metal and bagpipes, Korn immediately comes to mind, as a result of Jonathan Davis playing one on the bizzare nursery rhyme song “Shoots and Ladders.” One of the last bands you would equate the instrument with is Lamb of God, but that hasn’t stopped an enterprising Indian musician from doing a four-minute medley of their tunes on bagpipe. Archy Jay, or The Snake Charmer, along with a guitar player, makes a case for the bagpipe being a metal instrument with her six-song medley.

Here’s what she told Team Rock about the medley:

I have come out with a new metal video which is actually the first Lamb Of God cover played on bagpipes.It’s a metal medley of some of the most iconic Lamb Of God riffs, all in one video. Its’ a different sound and different perspective than listening to these on guitars… It’s one of the toughest tracks I’ve tried to play on the bagpipes. I love this band and I know many of you love them too.”

The medley includes “Walk With Me In Hell,” “Again We Rise,” “Laid To Rest,” “Broken Hands,” “Hourglass” and “Descending.” It’s incredibly well-done, and as cool as the Rob Scallons of the world are, it’s both a testament to Lamb of God’s international reach (which is what the documentary As The Palaces Burn was about before Randy Blythe was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter) and  the bagpipe as a instrument that someone can shred on.



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